CHECK OUR RESULT MOVEBefore I tell you how my system works and how good it is, please check the results first by clicking the button on the left. Seeing is believing! See first, invest later! 

If you are happy with the results, you can read further. Otherwise, there is no point wasting our time if you are not satisfied with them.

How the PAMM-MAM system works:

  • It consists of 3 integrated sub-systems.
  • The first system uses 3 indicators to determine if there is up- or downtrend.
  • The second system executes long-term trades within the range of 10-35 pips to take advantage of the trend and consolidation phases.
  • The third system compounds many short-term trades within the range of 2-5 pips from each other to maximize profits.

PAMM-MAM Trust us

  • I try to ENTER at the bottom of an uptrend or at the top of a downtrend and EXIT when the trend reverses.
  • If I am right, I can make many pips. If I am wrong, I lose just a few pips due to a low Draw-Down value.
  • However, if the system starts making more money, I can use additional equity to add more trades or increase the Order Size.
  • The trades are CLOSED by a Trailing Stop, Invisible Stop Loss/Take Profit or Equity Drop.
  • Maximum EQUITY DROP (also called “Draw-Down” or “Risk Management”) is no more  than 25% (usually around 10-25%).
  • PROFITS are from 10-20% per day to 100-500% per month (see the results to make sure it’s true).
  • Of course sometimes the system can make more profits, sometimes less which depends on the market volatility and pairs we trade.
  • I usually trade 1-2 major PAIRS at the same time.
  • SPREAD is not very important, but it shouldn’t be too high. Best spread is from 1-3 pips, even 4-5 pips is OK, but more than that is too much.
  • All three systems use different TIME-FRAMES (each of them uses two Time-Frames)
    • 4H & 1W for determining the trend and executing Middle Range trades
    • 5M & 4H for executing compounding trades to maximize profits



5M 4H
4H 1W

Until recently I traded manually, but I asked one very good (and expensive) programmer to code this system for me so now I don’t have to trade manually any more.

The system is really good since it works both in trends and consolidations. Even if the market reverses for a short while and then trends again, the system can take advantage of it and doesn’t lose money in such a situation. It also increases the order size when the equity is higher to make even more profits faster.

I call it a “PAMM-MAM System” since I use it mainly on PAMM and MAM accounts to trade for my clients. It’s not forbidden by the brokers since it doesn’t use any method taking advantage of broker’s weaknesses which might lead to profit cancellations.

It works the same way on:

  • Demo and Real Accounts
  • Micro, Mini, Standard, ECN, and all other accounts
  • ECN, STP, Market Makers and all other brokers

It doesn’t use:

  • Martingale
  • Arbitrage
  • Short-term scalping

For more information about our system, deposits, brokers, etc. please contact me at:




  1. Hello im really interesting in you Account management, i want more information, and some tracking reacord if its possible. Thank you!

  2. Their Money Management is TENSE! MAN, READ IT IN A BRIGHTER WAY!
    I mean how come I get 360% profit in total within 3 days? Nah, no one can beat this profit monster! I love your team and system! Salute bro!

  3. I just want to say thanks for this team! no words left for your massive results guys! $$$

    • Glad to hear that our Money Management service never disappoint you, Clara. Thanks for including us on your success story up til now. Have a great day!

  4. Please ADMIN send me full detail how to join.I am interested in trading forex and your complete pammmam programs.

  5. Please ADMIN send me full detail how to join.I am interested in trading forex

  6. I want to invest in your service, please send me the complete information

  7. Hi, can I get brief explanation on how to join this business? Thank you.

  8. Hello dear friend,
    I want to invest in your service, please send me the complete information
    Is it possible to invest at least $ 1,000

  9. Hi, I sent you an email to get the purchasing details. Waiting for the confirmation, cheers!!

  10. Thank you Mr. Daniel. You help me with small investments and help me to pay back losses I got in Forex for all this 2 years. I do recommend this service 🙂

    • Great! Thank you so much Mrs. Wang Sun She! We received your share and have emailed you as well. Have a great day!

  11. Hello. I was wondering your minimum investment and expected yearly returns. Also, what is EA?

  12. Five stars out of five!!! good service and friendly staff. Positive results with around 484% results average in a month based on 4 months trading in total. I am satisfied and want to recommend pammmam for my friends.

  13. Am I supposed to send my money for your service or just put it on my account? I do really interested in your investments plan but I never invest at Forex trading before. Thank you!

    • Hi, Ronald. Thank you for your interest in our service. Please chek your email, We have sent you the complete information.

  14. Peace be upon you.
    Can you please send me further info about buying the ea. And also share profit. And how it works.

    Also if share profit is better then can you make exception for 1500usd

  15. I am interested to your system so PAMM-MAM is EA right ? kindly provide more detail how it work Thanks

  16. two times joining this service, still amazing and happy with the results. Thumbs up!

  17. I reach you on skype, Daniel. Send you the share profit already with proof SS attached on it. Thanks!

  18. I am interested to know how you manage the investor funds and how successful is that. Can me provide some details.

  19. Good results as of now, standard lot and 95% right prediction. Will watching for few months and will give further update.
    Best of luck!

    • Hello Reikh. Sure, our PAMM-MAM EA is real. You can also see our testimonials. Many of our clients are satisfied with our EA.
      For further details, kindly check your email.
      Thank you.

  20. I am interested to know how you manage the investor funds and how successful is that. Can me provide some details.

  21. Hi
    I came across your service and wanted to know more. What are the services that you provide for customers like me. I am mainly looking for some fund management services. Please let me know how to start and work with your services. Please send me a mail to

  22. Opening my office in India for being the affiliate of this system. Good luck for me and keep success sir!

  23. My example may be helpful for some of you reading these comments.
    14 June deposited $5025 for money management.
    19 June – first trade.
    To 28 June, 30 trades, worst trade +$48, best trade +$1635, account balance now $21,742. Just the numbers, but I am pretty pleased with the results so far, and looking forward to further trading in my account. Thank you James!!!
    Dave, NZ.

    • Hello Dave, thank you for your comments.
      We are waiting for your profit share confirmation and will start trading soon. Thank you.
      Have a nice day.

  24. All looks impressive but still a bit wondering how possible all good reviews. I am just in need of a good fund manager that can trade on profit sharing. Thanks

    • Hi, please check your email. I have sent all the details regarding my system. We can discuss for further information related in email.

  25. Hi. I did reply to your questions. Have not heard from you since. Would like to know how to continue.

  26. This guy really deserves a credit.
    Thanks anyway for the profit and stay blessed.

  27. good evening
    Lords could send me details of how their work work we can do a test in the demo account before we leave for a real account ???? Lord could help me I lost a lot in the forex market now I have little money to start more I have many friends here in Brazil it is logical that I can show my results to other merchants friends. I await an answer, thank you very much

  28. Hello, can you explain me more about the forex management?

  29. Still couldn’t get it why bad reviews about this system are even exist.
    I got a profit and withdraw almost 24k so far by using his robot in 2 different accounts.
    well, competitors are scary LMAO 😀

    • Me too, have started yesterday.
      How’s the profit?
      I got $980 from $2,000 account managed.

  30. I think it sounds impossible to be true at first, just a bunch of scammer who claimed they sell a robot and then run with our Money, but I’m also curious with the results they usually posted and also people’s good review about pammmam. Decided to purchase the EA with $1,500 (honestly it’s costed a bit much if i was really scammed at that time). Was waiting for the Robot and starting to feel insecure the next day because i couldn’t contact James. He is busy wth his meeting schedule & revert back to me at the evening, start to think about this and that BUT finally I get the EA the next days (2days after the payment has been received by them) completed with the manual that’s easy to understand.
    Concerned to put it on my main Exness account with $4,200 funds or not, then decided to put it on my ICMarket account with $347 funds with lotsize 0,05(as they say the Robot can be deposited as minimum as $100), keep monitoring it for half an hour and I see it start loss from $5, and the $13, going to stop it until the next trade, but the profit starts to made from $22, $128, $311, $193 etc. I think simply, Lord, it’s really work! been working there for 4 days and earn $1969 and withdraw $1000. Now been putting it on my Exness account for around 2 weeks, guess what I got? My account become $11,554 now, will keep my trade and also keep you updated with my account guys! cheers.

    • Thank you for your kind testimonial, Arvie. We’re glad that you are satisfied with our EA and also can generate much profit with it. Feel free to contact us if you have something to discuss regarding our Robot, we’ll pleased to assist you.
      Have a great day!

    • Hi Arvie….it’s been a while.I just purchased the robot a while back not knowing you already did until I saw your comment. Please mail me on so we can chat and publicize this wonderful product.I don’t have your contact anymore

  31. hello
    please i need more info about managing my account and this incredible EA .. thanks

  32. Sir, I already message you in FB and imeil, my imeil is I am Narendra brother and i surprised with your work. I want to join wth PaxForex? i can? please reply on me, thax you.

  33. I buy the system instead because I don’t believe any Fund Manager before. James really makes the best setting for the EA and whoop!!! I can earn $6,600 for less than a month with my $1,000 initial.

  34. Nice reviews so far..but if you don’t mind can you share me one of the Investor’s password of your account?

  35. Do you mind to send the details of this impressive system to me?
    I’d be pleased to hear from you soon!

  36. The combination of this guy and the system is really amazing. Like I said before, I will buy the Robot after we make some profit. And will send your profit share soon!!!

  37. How much I should pay you ? I have an account in Super Forex with $1,763 funds, can you manage it?

  38. I don’t know about Forex at all and tried it out of my curiosity but still couldn’t believe that you earned those profits until I withdrawal and see it with my own eyes. Will adding more fund, let’s make triple of what we made before, broo….

  39. great job, PAMM-MAM!!! awesome profits in 2 days since i joined with u!
    looking for more marvelous amounts 😉 $$$


  40. Hi James…
    Thanks for the amazing profit you make for me!
    Even when I cannot believe you at first when you loss $350 at my account, but indeed, you keep your word by earning $8000 in the blink of an eye!
    I think I need to say this so people know how great this system is.

    • Stephen, I would really like to chat with someone that is REALLY using this system. It seems there are a few sites that look similar so want to know if all are legit and just individual franchises or something else.

    • YES How to join ??? How???
      Lawrence Koh
      Whats App OR sms: +65 9433 3363
      I can visit you, just tell me where are you ???

  41. James Davis was… how do you say it? AMAZING!! Finally I have found someone which helped me recover my losses.
    Many thanks!

  42. I am very interested …how can I invest and how I deposit and withdraw…

  43. sir ji , lam indian ,iam only investment forex market , 5000 usd your account but cantact my mobile number 09970735248 india sirji ? iam india call support custumer care to speack language hindi sir ji ? tell me sir ? Mr James Davis sir ,thanks ,sunilmbansod india 09970735248

  44. Quiero saber con cuanto dinero abro la cuenta, con que broker, cuanto voy a ganar semanal?

  45. I have been using PAMMMAM service since 2 months until now and I am really satisfied with their performance.

  46. I’m an accountant in central London and am responsible for looking after my wife and two young children. I was worried about my retirement because I don’t believe that pension schemes are good enough anymore. I therefore decided to look into investing my savings. After meeting up with PAMMMAM, I don’t really understand how it can be work. But they proof it and make me believe that they can double my money. now I can enjoy my retirement in comfort.

    • Hi, tell me more about your system. I’m interested to join. Thank you

  47. Hi, tell me more about your system. I’m interested to join. Thank you.

  48. I have using PAMMMAM Forex Fund Management service since 2 weeks ago and I think it has very good trader and good service. My account has been growing since the first day trading.
    The minimum deposit a bit expensive for me but I’m glad I had the chance to join for those two weeks.

  49. I want to say thank you for the good work you’ve done. I’ve transferred the money by Western Union. I ‘ll be back on Skype in 3 days. You can start for the next trade as you want.

  50. It’s impressive when you execute the trade. Good job James.Thank you.

  51. It’s Great James. Trading is like so easy for you! You know so
    much where the market goes, such as you read the book. It’s excellent! I will definitely add more deposit.

  52. Hi James, I plan to ask some questions about the EA. I’m really interested to buy it. Please contact me soon. Thank you.

  53. Thank you James, I am really satisfy with the system performance. keep up the great work.

  54. This is very good system!! It makes 100% profit in a week. Thank you so much.

  55. Some of my friends talk about your great system. How can I join? I am really interested. Please contact me.

    • I like it you very much thank you and I will return so we trade more and make more big money next time. Thank you sir.

  56. Sir thanks for the profit make into my account. Please check my messages, I sent you the transfer receipt.Please let me know when you accepted the profit share. So we can start trading for the next trade soon. Thank you.

  57. I can’t say anything about you, Mr. Davis
    It seems like forex trading is very easy for you
    You gave me 400% profits just in 3 weeks, it’s a huge profit
    Today I have sent your performance fee and now I will have a party with my girlfriend

    • Agreed H, this guy really professional. I am still working with him, and hope it will grow like yours soon.

  58. Good system……only Very good system……..
    mr. james really care client fund he make their accounts more profit…..
    you can trust this person and get big money

  59. I win 10000$ in very first day as Mr James Davis trade like a pro. I still waiting my withdrawal. you will get your profits soon. VERY GOOD work forex fund manager.

  60. This System is very good sir, you really make my account profits 500% in a month
    Thank you so much

    • I ve been using this PAMMMAM fund management since 2015, and happy with the results. No need to analyse myself, they re doing great and professional. I recommend you all to join this service.

  61. Dear. James
    I would like to thanks you for their excellent performance, in Pammmam we got 142% profits in just 2 days! I wish him to continue and excel.

  62. Hi guys,
    I just want to say that Mr James is a real Pamm-Mam manager. I was deposited of $2500 in my acc and just 1 day trade he make more then$5000 of profit.
    May God bless you for this good job, Mr James. Those who look for Pamm-Mam, you should approach to him.
    Thank you very much.

  63. Howdy! I simply want to give you a big thumbs up for the great information you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.|

  64. How to be your affiliates like amy, ashley n the others ? Secondly, can it works at broker like Monex, millenium or other registered on Indonesia Clearing House ?

  65. hi James,
    just funded.. and stat with this pamm-mam, can see the profit.. good job on managing fx acc .. not like the others… keep the good job..

  66. Hi James,
    I will very happy and so amazing to write in a post to thank you a million to James. I join the this PAMM-MAM since last few day with open a acc capital 2500 USD, now my acc is starting to create profit gowth.Thank you so much James.

  67. Dear Sir,
    I already have an account with Instaforex can I join your system?

  68. James.. Managed account..will bring results around 100% for just 2 days. really…it is good works. best efforts by James PAMM-MAM.
    Shekhar, fx.

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